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Skylight Installation and Repair

Skylight Repair and Installation

Roof King is the company to call when you need a skylight repaired, installed or removed. Just like your roof - skylights take the brunt of the natural elements and should be inspected and maintained regularly.

Skylight Repair

Having skylights in your home has many benefits. Skylight repairs can vary from simply replacing the acrylic dome to completely removing and replacing the entire unit and repairing the sounding roofing material. If you need a skylight leak repaired, be sure to contact a skylight repair contractor, that will do the job right. Roof King repairs both residential and commercial skylights.

Skylight Installation

A properly installed skylight is very important and by the time a homeowner finds out their skylight was installed incorrectly the damage is done. If you are planning a home remodel or just want to add some solar ceiling tube skylights to a section of your home, we can help you complete the project.

Skylight Removal

Do you want to completely remove a skylight from your home or replace all your old skylights with a new roof? We can remove an old skylight and repair the roof and ceiling or add new skylights.



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